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LuxurIos is a family-owned sustainable hospitality company born out of love for the Greek island of Ios. It aims to preserve and protect this beautiful island from over-development while offering its visitors the chance to enjoy the unique combination of privacy, luxury, culture, environment and fun.
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Accommodation in Ios Island

Accommodation in Ios Island

Weddings & Events

Weddings and Events

Restaurants and Bars in Ios Island

Restaurants & Bars in Ios Island


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Ios Island Experience


Our Vision

Sustainable Tourism

We don’t have to damage the Earth to accomplish our dreams

As a new generation of Greeks reclaim their heritage, they’re looking past overtouristed islands like Mykonos to quiet stunners such as Ios island. Reachable only by boat this 42-square-mile island in the Cyclades archipelago with its 32 sand beaches, outstands in beauty and authenticity.

In the only town on the island, Chora (a hippie haven during the 1970s), guests stay in laid-back lodgings ranging from the chic Agalia Suites, a 16-suites boutique hotel that opened its doors in the summer of 2014, to family-run guesthouses on narrow stone walkways.

Ios’s oldest archaeological site, Skarkos, dates from the third millennium B.C., and the 16th-century monastery of Pyrgos sits below the island’s highest peak. Dirt tracks lead to more than two dozen pristine beaches, which veteran philhellenes call some of the finest strands in the Aegean islands.

“We saw what happened to other Greek islands transformedby overdevelopment. We’re determined to save Ios from that fate,” says Vassiliki Petridou, president of Luxurios Island Experience, a local eco-resort company.

Things to do in Ios Island

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Spectacular Beaches of Ios Island

More than 35 startling beaches in Ios


Ios Island Attractions

Some of the best Attractions

Private Boat Excursions

Thrilling excursions to hidden coves and secluded beaches
Clients wishing to explore the majestic, natural beauty and beaches of the Cyclades can rent one of our private boats in Ios and embark on thrilling excursions to hidden coves and secluded beaches reachable only by boat, as well as day trips to any of the nearby islands of Santorini (dinner by the caldera or a tour of the volcano), Sikinos (spend time in the picturesque town) , Amorgos (visit the Monastery), Folegandros (relax by the square), Milos (majestic beaches and landscapes), Koufonisia (for a swim in the turquoise waters), and Mykonos (for the lifestyle and beautiful beaches) as well as the rest of the Cyclades.

Where to Stay on Ios Island

Agalia Boutique Hotel on Tzamaria Ios Island

Harmoniously blending with the natural environment the Agalia Boutique Hotel on Ios exude an aura of serenity, inviting guests to succumb to the pleasures of luxurious tranquility. Amidst the open sky and the azure sea nature meets luxury & hip refinement enveloping visitors in a ambiance of peace, calm and exclusivity.

Overlooking the port and Chora this amazing all suites boutique hotel in Ios Island captures the essence of the Cyclades with its stylish appointed interiors welcoming travelers to unwind in a haven of indulgence and experience the most joyous holidays in Ios. With unrivalled facilities and services provided,

Featuring 16 lavishly appointed suites, 11 individual suites and 3 with a private pool, two with private pool and jacuzzi and 1 two-bedroom suite with private pool and jacuzzi,   Agalia Boutique Hotel in Ios offers the perfect place for an indulging private escape. Guests are welcome to bask in the sun at one of the many exterior lounging areas, dive in the calm waters of the pool or unwind on the sun kissed decks with a refreshing cocktail from the bar.


Sustainability, Privacy and the Eternal Energy of Nature & Youth


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